Cat6 UTP Patch Cable (RJ45) 3 FT.

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Cat6 UTP Patch Cable Delivers a Fast, Clear Signal Through Your Gigabit Ethernet Network This Cat6 UTP cable with RJ45 connectors is recommended for connecting network components like printers, adapters, routers, servers, modems, hubs and switches in high-density data centers. Designed for fast transmission and excellent signal quality, this 3-foot blue cable ensures peak performance throughout your local area network (LAN). It reduces impedance and structural return loss, compared to standard 100 MHz wire. Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) to Cut Down on Expensive Power Supplies Because this Cat6 cable supports PoE, it can supply the power to operate compatible PoE devices, such as security cameras, VoIP telephones, point-of-sale kiosks and access control devices. This saves you the expense and effort of purchasing, connecting and installing individual power supplies for each device. Snagless RJ45 Male Connectors Add Extra Protection During Installation The RJ45 connectors snagless design protects the locking tabs from being damaged or broken off during installation. Integral strain relief gives the N201P-003-BL extra flexibility, reduces stress, and helps the cable move freely without cracking or breaking loose from the connector. CMR-LP Certified for Cable Installations with Increased Power Levels ULs Limited Power (LP) certification indicates the N201P-003-BL has been evaluated to handle the marked current under installation scenarios without exceeding the temperature rating of the cable. This CMR-LP-certified cable provides a simple way to prepare installations for increased power levels without having to worry about susceptible issues caused by excessive heat. Color-Coded to Avoid Misidentification That Can Cause Costly Downtime This Cat6 UTP patch cable features a blue PVC jacket. The color-coding allows easy, fast identification in a crowded rack, patch panel or workstation and helps prevent the cable from becoming inadvertently disconnected. Typical Applications Connect a computer and its peripherals to a home or office Gigabit Ethernet network Connect switches, modems and servers in a high-density data center Deliver power to PoE devices mounted in areas that are difficult to reach or have no electrical outlets

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