CyberPower MP1044NN Power Strip

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Perfect for powering small appliances and electronic devices, the MP1044NN Power Strip Twin Pack from CyberPower provides a pair of general-purpose power strips, each with six grounded, standard spaced outlets and a two-foot power cord. Each power strip allows multiple electrical devices to share a single AC wall socket. The 15-Amp circuit breakers prevent overloading Features for each power strip include an on/off switch, an integrated 15-Amp circuit breaker, and damage-resistant housing. The MP1044NN Power Strip Twin Pack comes with a one year limited warranty Automatic Shutdown – Protects connected electronics with the integrated circuit breaker which automatically switches off in the event of an overload. Impact-Resistant Casing – Ensures maximum durability and prolongs the life of the model. Keyhole Slots – Enable the model to be placed on a wall, under a desk, and in other configurations to optimize space and keep power cords out of the way.

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Dimensions 2.8 × 10.9 × 2.7 cm


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